While the majority of the blogs I read are written at a further stage, and a lot of times about “what I’ve learned” or “what I could do better”; in this case I chose different.

This evening I walked downstairs to get me a drink. It’s 1:00 AM and I was refreshing our P&L, chatting with some interesting people from the UK (via LinkedIn), checking flight tickets for my unexpected flight to the UK in 2 days, reading Twitter, checking up on sales activities, finishing off our investor newsletter, sending cat pictures via Slack, chatting with @smiegles via Telegram, answering some e-mails from VC’s and new colleagues (starting in 2 days), chatting with our COO about our sales strategy, overthinking our 2 weekly OKR meeting which today lasted way longer then expected and realise I forgot to send some information to a colleague which I promised I should do (doing it now). Wife and kids are sleeping.

While walking downstairs I realised what I’m doing at the same time, and I realised at which time. Then I realised this is a moment to capture, and share the world what will happen if you ever “have an idea”.

Heb je vragen?